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CheckSite wins 2 Victorian iAwards

Spatial Vision is proud to announce the first industry recognition for CheckSite – winning the Industrial Application and e-Government awards in the 2012 Victorian iAwards.

CheckSite leverages spatial information technologies to deliver customers the intelligence they need to assess the potential development risks associated with specific properties. CheckSite provides a valuable tool for the development industry and streamlines the delivery of disparate and potentially inaccessible government data in a consistent and attractive format.

The awards are organised by Australia’s three peak IT industry bodies, The Australian Computer Society, the Australian Information Industry Association and the Pearcey Foundation and recognise professionals and companies at the cutting edge of technology innovation.


The e-Government is presented for outstanding IT innovation dedicated to improved government Service delivery or other ICT initiatives. The Industrial Applications award recognises ICT innovation that delivers improved outcomes in industrial processes or activity.

This is very much in line with the core objective of the CheckSite service, which is to streamline the business processes required to make environmental assessments and ensure consistency in the information provided. The benefits to the environmental consultants and property developers have been widely appreciated with very positive user feedback:

The CheckSite report provided a significant amount of site history information in one convenient package. We found the CheckSite reports were exactly what we needed to make our assessment of the site and to add value for the client ”.


Winning these awards has recognised CheckSite’s ability to redefine the Phase1 Environmental Site Assessment value-chain and empower better decision making in the property sector as well as our aim to provide innovative solutions. We are excited to go on to represent Victoria at the national phase of judging.

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