CheckSite wins Awards for Spatial Excellence

CheckSite wins the Spatial Enablement Award and the Victorian Government Award for Spatial Excellence at the 8th Annual Victorian Spatial Excellence Award

Spatial Vision is proud to announce that CheckSite has been recognised by the peak spatial industry bodies, the Spatial Information Business Association (SIBA) and the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI), at the 8th Annual Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards. These awards complement the Victorian iAwards received in July in the e-Government and Industrial Application categories.
The iAwards were organised by Australia’s three peak IT industry bodies, The Australian Computer Society, the Australian Information Industry Association and the Pearcey Foundation.

CheckSite leverages spatial information technologies and delivers customers the intelligence they need to assess the potential development risks associated with specific properties. CheckSite sets the industry standard for Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments.

The judges declared CheckSite the winner of the Spatial Enablement Award stating “CheckSite is an innovative solution addressing an identified market niche and provides an effective means to identify environmental risks relating to specific sites.”

CheckSite also received the flagship accolade, the Victorian Government Award for Spatial Excellence. The judges stated that CheckSite “demonstrates considerable entrepreneurship and innovation, with state-wide coverage and government endorsement already achieved and a clear plan for expansion to the national level.”

Minister for Technology Gordon Rich-Phillips, who spoke at the awards, congratulated the winners for the quality and innovation obvious in their work.

"Services like CheckSite are clear examples of the important role that spatial technologies can have in many areas of our lives," Mr Rich-Phillips said.

CheckSite was developed with an aim to provide an innovative information delivery service to the environmental assessment and property development sectors. The accolades received from peak bodies of both the Spatial and ICT industries are a testament the successes achieved to date and are an affirmation that CheckSite is at the cutting edge of technology innovation.

CheckSite’s value proposition to environmental consultants and property developers is clear. Customers use the online storefront to select properties of interest and CheckSite delivers professional reports specific to these properties derived from the most reliable sources. Importantly, the service negates the requirement for retaining specialist GIS software, skills and infrastructure in-house.

CheckSite is redefining the Phase1 Environmental Site Assessment value-chain and empowering better decision making in the property sector. We are excited to go on to represent Victoria at the Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards in November.
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