CheckSite reports for Australia are now available around the world. Spatial Vision’s authoritative site specific CheckSite reports are now available through Landmark Information Group’s Envirocheck International Data Collection Service.

Spatial Vision and Landmark are pleased to announce the establishment of a reciprocal agreement to cross sell products. Customers outside Australia are able to order CheckSite reports for land sites in Australia. In the near future, Australian companies will be able to order Envirocheck reports for the UK via Spatial Vision.

In general around the globe, there is an increasing demand for land especially in or near urban areas. However, without services like CheckSite and Envirocheck developers of land unwittingly play a form of Russian roulette acquiring properties unaware of potential risks from contamination. In every country, there are potential risks of contamination of land typically from processes conducted in unregulated times. The CheckSite and Envirocheck provide valuable information for environmental consultants to assess the potential risks to a land site to inform a potential developer or purchaser of property.

Spatial Vision welcomes the agreement between Landmark and Spatial Vision. It represents an association which will benefit CheckSite in Australia enormously as we continue to develop and expand the service throughout the country. Glenn Cockerton, Managing Director, Spatial Vision

Envirocheck International Data Collection Service is an extension to the very successful Envirocheck product suite. Envirocheck is part of the Landmark Information Group. Landmark has been a true pioneer in digital mapping, property and environmental risk information since its inception in 1995. Landmark has made major investments in the digital capture of environmental information and technologies to streamline the delivery of reliable report products.

David Mole, Business Development Director, Landmark Information Group said: “We are very excited to announce this new partnership with Spatial Vision. Until now, it has been an extremely time consuming and often expensive process for UK-based consultants to source site-specific environmental and historical information for sites in Australia, meaning that often sites and properties may have been purchased without having thoroughly investigated potential environmental risks. CheckSite provides a fast and cost effective solution and we are expecting strong interest.”

Mark Milner, CEO of Landmark Information Group, commented: “A key focus for the business is on expanding our reach into new markets. An effective way of doing this is by partnering with companies such as Spatial Vision who have an established footprint in their local market.”


As part of Spatial Vision’s reciprocal arrangements with Landmark, Spatial Vision is able to use the power of Landmark’s International Data Collection Service to access site reports for the UK, continental Europe and to some extent the rest of the world.  The Landmark Group has a presence in the UK, Netherlands, Germany and USA through its sister company EDR.  As a result of this global presence Landmark is able to generate reports for a large number of countries around the world. 

CheckSites relationship with Landmark International means that clients of CheckSite will soon be able to request reports not only in Australia and the UK but for any countries where Landmark has access to the data required to generate reports.

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