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Victorian CheckSite will now include soil maps generated from the CSIRO’s Australian Soil Resource Information System (ASRIS).  The data on which maps will be based is the ASRIS small scale (1:2 million) national soil classification.


Whilest I’m on the topic of asbestos, the NSW Geological Survey has released its maps of naturally occurring asbestos (NOA) in NSW.  The data is publically available and this information will be included in CheckSite reports for NSW beginning in 2017.


On 17 January 2017 the Victorian government’s response to the Independent inquiry into the Victorian EPA was released by the Daniel Andrews Labor government. The initial inquiry was completed in March 2016 but it has taken 9 months for the government’s response, underlining the ‘once-in-a-generation’ opportunity to modernise and transform the EPA and overhaul the 1970 Environment Protection Act to equip the agency going forward.


CheckSite reports for Australia are now available around the world. Spatial Vision’s authoritative site specific CheckSite reports are now available through Landmark Information Group’s Envirocheck International Data Collection Service.

Spatial Vision and Landmark are pleased to announce the establishment of a reciprocal agreement to cross sell products. Customers outside Australia are able to order CheckSite reports for land sites in Australia. In the near future, Australian companies will be able to order Envirocheck reports for the UK via Spatial Vision.

CheckSite wins the Spatial Enablement Award and the Victorian Government Award for Spatial Excellence at the 8th Annual Victorian Spatial Excellence Award

Spatial Vision is proud to announce that CheckSite has been recognised by the peak spatial industry bodies, the Spatial Information Business Association (SIBA) and the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI), at the 8th Annual Victorian Spatial Excellence Awards. These awards complement the Victorian iAwards received in July in the e-Government and Industrial Application categories.

Spatial Vision has recently completed a project which required CheckSite reports to be prepared for a number of sites in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. 

Different jurisdictional legislative requirements and data holdings result in slightly different CheckSite offerings for each state but the content, quality and presentation you would expect from a Victorian CheckSite report has been replicated in the reports prepared for sites in SA and NSW.


One of the keys to CheckSite is that we have been able to set up agreements with a variety of data custodians to make data available in formats that allow us to produce CheckSite reports swiftly and economically. One of the factors that will contribute to the success of CheckSite will be our ability to continue to identify and source data from government departments and organise it in a way that it can be efficiently used within CheckSite.


Spatial Vision is proud to announce the first industry recognition for CheckSite – winning the Industrial Application and e-Government awards in the 2012 Victorian iAwards.

CheckSite leverages spatial information technologies to deliver customers the intelligence they need to assess the potential development risks associated with specific properties. CheckSite provides a valuable tool for the development industry and streamlines the delivery of disparate and potentially inaccessible government data in a consistent and attractive format.

The awards are organised by Australia’s three peak IT industry bodies, The Australian Computer Society, the Australian Information Industry Association and the Pearcey Foundation and recognise professionals and companies at the cutting edge of technology innovation.








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